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Truth before Reconciliation

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

I figured since I’m no longer following the lines of the original design, it was time to take the paper off. It was actually very cathartic to completely let the creative process take over. As I was tearing off the top layer and pulling out tiny bits of paper left behind, I was thinking about the theatrical speech made by the pope the other day in an attempt to “apologize” for what happened in the residential “schools”.

The unspoken words, ambiguous meanings and carefully crafted sentences demonstrated why an apology was necessary…but I never actually heard an apology. I heard blame being put on colonization, on the priests and nuns who enacted the violence and so on, but not once was there an actual admission of guilt on behalf of the church, not once did they take responsibility for the horrors that took place in those institutions. It makes me realize that there is still so much more work to be done with so-called “reconciliation”. The truth must come before anything else!

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