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Our path in life

I am constantly seeing new ways that I have been physically impacted by over 3 years of chemotherapy. Some of the side effects of treatment include loss of circulation, leading to numbness in the extremities, in my case my fingers. This neuropathy eases as the days pass after chemo but I only realized today how bad the permanent damage really is. Part of my battle with cancer involves overcoming my limitations and not accepting defeat in the face of adversity.

My needle is symbolic of my current struggle. I didn’t anticipate that working with smaller beads for the first time would be such a challenge! I had to adjust my normal technique to accommodate these tiny beads but as I became more familiar with the motions, it started to become therapeutic. It is a process filled with gratitude, knowing that I can continue to bead despite my limitations. Our path in life is never as straight as a new needle but regardless of the twists and turns, we can still accomplish great things!

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