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Coming together

When I first started envisioning this project, I went on a mission to find as many shapes and sizes of orange beads as I could. Some came from online, some from recycled necklaces and some were even gifted to me by others. I knew that I had to have a variety of materials available so that when I was finally ready to start the creative process, I wouldn’t be inhibited.

You would think with all of this selection in front of me, it would be easy to create 215 unique flowers but some days I struggle to find another combination of beads that differs from previous designs. I want each flower to be unique, like the children they represent.

I spoke at a conference the other day and I brought some of the orange flowers with me to create a display on my beading table. As I laid my flowers out with the flowers made by students in one of my workshops, I really started to see the vision coming to life.

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