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Always remembering

On September 30th, I had the privilege of spending time with the most amazing group of students. We talked about why Orange Shirt Day is important but we also talked about reconcili-ACTION and how we have to extend reconciliation beyond this one day. We talked about living with a good mind and building positive relationships not just with each other but also with the natural world.

I forget sometimes that some students have never picked up a needle and thread and I am learning that this process isn’t something that can be completed with one session. Through each workshop, I am finding strategies to help support the process, often learning more from the oversights and mistakes. I amazed by how engaged the students are with their beading, it helps when they know there are no expectations for the finished work. I always want it to be about the process, not the product. I want a field of unique flowers, each with their own story and beautiful in their own way.

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